Tuesday, 28 February 2017

A little bit of HYGGE

After reading the book of ‘HYGGE' by Meik Wiking, my partner and I decided that it was time to roll up our sleeves and get our flat finally decorated. After redoing the kitchen over a year ago, we have been always talking about how great it would be to re-decorate, but as we all know, there is always an excuse, and before you know it a year as gone by. But after discussing back and forth on how to go forward, we decided to dedicate a full day to homeware shopping. We drove down to Tottenham court road (London) and started our homeware scavenger hunt. First stop was Habitat, then Heal's and finally my favourite West Elm. In Habitat, I was finally able to buy some pillar candles to put on my Moroccan inspired plate, along with some artificial flowers which have been quite hard to find if you aren't willing to pay £10 for one single flower. In Heal's, our trip to their designer floor just left us more inspired but also left blinking rapidly at each price tag. Heading over to West Elm, we spent an hour roaming around looking for small bits and pieces to place around the flat. But as I got to their bedding section, I completely lost myself in the different patterns, colours and materials. For some reason,  I have always had an obsession for duvet covers, which is not very popular with my boyfriend but something we have to compromise on. He gets to keep his chair and I get to keep my duvet cover collection. But luckily for him, our scavenger hunt only ended up with a few necessary pieces for the flat and sadly no new duvet cover.

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