Thursday, 23 February 2017

New In: Drugstore

After running out of basically everything at the same time, I had to pay Boots a visit to stock up on a few of my go-to products and a few new items that caught my eye (and my wallet). I must say that I have been wondering whether or not I should convert to Superdrug due to the price difference. However,  what I do like about Boots if that they always offer good quality and most important, good service. So on Monday, without rushing through the aisle, I took some extra time and see what is new.

First, I came across the Garnier Pure Active Anti-blemish Tonic (£4), which apparently is a new range that Garnier has come out with, directed to those who have acne prone skin and in need of a good skin regime. As I ran out of my Clinique Clarifying Tonic, I thought I would give Garnier a go, and since the difference between the to is £12, why not?

TIPS: A tonic is part of my daily routine, as it removes any dirt or makeup residue.  After I have washed my face, and go in with a cotton pad and swipe the tonic over my face. By using a tonic, not only does it remove the last few traces of makeup and dirt, but it also allows your moisturiser or serum to properly penetrate in into your skin,

Next, the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water (£1.25). Most of you have probably seen this product before, or even use it yourselves. I must be honest and say I have been quite sceptical about this product and its ability to actually remove makeup, dirt and everything in between. But having heard so many good reviews about this product, I decided to give it a go and now on my third bottle! The reason why I buy it in a travel size is due to me not using it to remove all my makeup, but only my eye makeup (mascara and eyebrows). Since for me, this single product is not sufficient to remove my makeup properly, and if you think about how many cotton pads it will take you, no thank you.

TIPS: When removing your eye makeup, using a cotton pad and soak it with micellar water. Then, make sure to leave the cotton pads for about a minutes before swiping it. Works better than to just rub your eyes together until you get all red.

Next in line is the Mitchum 48-hour Protection Deodorant (£2.89). Thank god that I found this product! For years I have been using the Biotherm deodorant which has always been my holy grail. But being a student and it costing £20, I decided to find something a bit more affordable. That is when I came across Mitchum Flower Scent. It smells divine and it does what it says. No odour no sweat, it a yes from me.

TIPS: Sometimes, the one thing I have noticed it that a white ring can appear if you don't rub it in properly. So, if you want to prevent this from happening, make sure to rub your arms together like you are doing the chicken dance and you are good to go.

The POREfessinal Anti Zero Shine Powder (£25.50) yes, yes, yes! This product is amazing and thanks to Benefit for inventing it. As I get shining throughout the day, I always keep this in my bag and use it to prevent any further 'I can fry an egg on your face' look. The best thing is that it comes with its own little brush so you don't need any additional makeup kits to bring along.

Next up is Clinique Cleansing Balm (£22), let's get down and dirty. After a long day rushing back and forth, the best feeling is to come home and literally take your face off. As I have quite oily skin, I was sceptical about this product as it seemed quite greasy. However, I gave it ago and was very impressed! Taking a generous amount and smothering it on your face, you can see how it melts in together with your makeup. After rising it off, you are left with skin feeling very moisturised.

TIPS: While using this product it can quite greasy and out of control, so if you can I suggest using it in the shower, as it tends to be easier to just rinse it under luke warm water. If not, just use a face towel (or cotton pad to wipe it off).

The final product is the Caolion premium hot and cool pore pack duo (£24). So apparently Boots have decided to be quite trendy and bring in a range of Korean skin care, which I think is amazing! I first saw this product while I was in NY last summer, but decided not to buy it as 5 face mask and 90$, by wallet said 'enough is enough'. BUT, as I saw it in Boots I thought why not give it ago. This mask consists of step 1 and steps 2. Step 1 is supposed to open your pores and remove all the impurities you might have. Step 2 is more of a mask and tightens your pores. I do have a few pores that I would be more than happy to shrink in size, so if does actually works it's definitely a plus!


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