Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Self Procrastination and Motivation

God knows how many blogs I have created and deleted in the past three years or so. The truth is, it is always a fear of my content being good enough for others to show interest. Nonetheless, self-procrastination as also been on the top of my list over the reason why several of my blogs have been deleted without questions asked.  The funny thing is, although my passion is writing and hopefully, engage others in my everyday life and share my personal thoughts on different topics, sometimes my motivation levels are not tip top. There is either too much going on at the same time, or an essay to be handed in, or I need to watch the last episode of a series, or some other excuse always comes up that distracts my motivation. The worst thing about it all is the guilt I feel after letting myself down. I mean, if you are passionate about something, wouldn't you try your best and accomplish it? I believe it is not as easy as that. Another then blogging, I thought I would give youtube a try.  As I already had all the equipment needed, I planned my first video, sat down to film it and was actually quite excited about it. This feeling lasted until next day, when I regret everything and deleted the video and felt sorry for myself. But why? Well, as mentioned before, the fear of not doing things properly does indeed scare me. But nothing in life is easy, and if you don't try you will never know how things are done either. So after getting a pep talk from my partner, I realised I had given up too quickly. What a joke right? People struggle day in and day out to accomplish what they set their mind to, whilst here I am giving up after a day. That is not a person I want to become. So here I am, writing my first blog post and feeling very optimistic about my motivation levels keeping up long-term! So today's lesson for me was, that no matter how difficult things seems, always pick yourself up and try harder. Because the feeling of regret over something you didn't try is even worse.


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