Monday, 27 February 2017

The best of both worlds: Kiehl's

Having gone through a range of different skincare products throughout the years, I have come to turns with the fact that ‘one-size-fits-all’ does definitely not apply when it comes to one's skin. For many years I have suffered from blemish-prone skin and as a result developed hyperpigmentation which has had a toll on my self-esteem from a young age. Leaving me to feel that I was only one to have such problem until I grew a bit older and realized that acne and blemishes are a common problem for a variety of people independent of age or ethnicity or other factors. For years I have tried a range of products to keep my blemishes intact without much luck, with most products giving me flakey and dry skin. So last year, I decided to properly focus on skincare rather than makeup. As for me personally, if your skin is not being taken care of it does not matter how flawless your makeup is. After doing a bit of research and deciding to invest a little bit of money on skincare products, I ended up at the Kiehl’s counter. As a customer, the one thing you expect when walking into a store is to be seen and the most important, be heard. When walking into Kiehl's, I was meet by a lovely sales assistant who way ready to hear about my needs and help me find the best suitable products for me. After talking through my current routine and my wish for a more targeting skincare products, I was introduced to few products which seemed to be better suited for my skin type. Taking a moment to carefully look through options, I ended up picking up the four products below. NOTE: Although I picked products which were already in 'stock', the lovely sales assistant did inform me that Kiehl's offered customers to have a skin consultation and have tailor-made facial concentrates, based on your skin and its needs. 

Cactus Flower Mist (£28.50) 
In my head, the thought of using a facial spray equals the product being wasted due to parts of your face not getting covered by it. However, after hearing about this facial spray from Kiehl’s I had to give it ago. I first started using this product in the morning. After washing my face I would apply this instead of a moisturizer just to see if it actually hydrated my face. After two weeks or so of using this product my skin felt so hydrated, plumped and glowy! As I have oily to combination skin, I feared that this product would make my skin even more oily looking, but I was wrong! Based on this experience, I decided to use this spray after completing my makeup and the results were exactly what I wanted them to be! Not only was my skin glowing, but it also looked dewy without looking oily.  Having only been using this product during the winter, I can’t wait to try it this the summer. It being so light and refreshing (AND IT SMELLS AMAZING), it's worth trying if you are looking for something which is lighter than your regular moisturizer. 

Nightly Refining Micro-Peel Concentrate (£41)
Being a bit skeptical to skin peels and nonetheless afraid of how my skin would react to them, I decided to try this one from Kiehl’s due to the main ingredient in this product being quinoa seeds. According to Kiehl’s 'the protective outer shell of the Quinoa seed without chemical alteration and with minimal environmental impact. Its powerful exfoliating properties work to help accelerate surface skin's nighttime cell turnover process to release dull surface skin’. After using this for two weeks now, I have seen a difference on my skin and its texture. Having a few spots here and there, my skin texture can easily become rough but this concentrate has helped my skin feel more radiant and smoother. Hopefully, with the continuous use of this product my skin will maintain its smooth texture, fingers crossed! TIPS: It does say that you can use a moisturizer after applying this concentrate, however, with my skin being oily I found it quite heavy and greasy if applying the two. Also, I believe you will achieve a better result if you stick to only using this product at night, depending on your skin of course. The most important tip is that you definitely to not need more than three drops to cover your whole face and neck. I used one for each area of my skin the first time and ended up looking like an oil coated painting. 

Over-Night Biological Peel (£41) 
When I am not using the product above (refining micro-peel concentrate), I use the overnight biological peel. These two products are very similar to one another, however, what I like about this particular product is the fact that it not only improves the texture of your skin, but it also decreases the sizes of your pores. After using this for a couple of weeks my skin tone seemed to be more even and my pores were not as large as they used to be. TIPS: When applying this product, do so about 15-20 minutes before you go to bed as it does feel quite sticky. If not, just pat it with a cotton pad to absorb the excess product. Also, although I have used both products together without having problems with flaky or dry skin, I advise you to see what works better for your skin!

Skin Tone Corrector Serum (£41)
In addition to having a minor problem with blemishes, my skin also tends to be prone to hyperpigmentation post-blemish. It is something I have struggled with since the age of nine and something I have tried to ‘resolve’ in the best way possible. Together with my Clinique Clarifying Toner and this product, both my blemishes (as it contains glycolic acid) and hyperpigmentation have decreased immensely in just three weeks! In addition, my skin feels smoother than ever resulting in my feeling a bit more confident about my skin. Also, the reason why I enjoy this product so much is that you can also use it in different parts of your body. Me having some hyperpigmentation in both my arms and decollete I have used this product to treat this area as well. So, if you have tried a range of different products without any results, I highly recommend this product! Do not get put up by the price, as it has lasted me a while although I have used it every other day. PS: I bought this product a while ago and can see that it’s sold out online, as I believe it has been discontinuing and I bought three before that happened. BUT, their new Dark-Sport Corrector (£37) is worth trying while waiting for a new and improved formula.


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