Wednesday, 22 February 2017

The Print

I personally like to think that I have a quite varied fashion sense of style. One day you could be seeing me with a black A-line skirt and a ribbed tight fitted knit jumper, while other days it's all about my love for leather jackets and Chelsea boots. Having said that, I don't usually don't go for prints as much as I would like to. But after being dragged into Russell&Bromley by my partner who much swears by their good quality, I found myself looking at the most amazing pair of boots I had seen! Before he could even say 'Let's go", I was asking the lady to find them in my size so I could catwalk up and down their store like it was my own runaway, and so I did. BUT, after much fun and smiles, my heart sunk after I realized the cost of my beloved boots. Fast forward to my upcoming 21st birthday last year, I was surprised by my partner with my long lost pair of boots! Not that I am very materialistic of me, but I had never been so happy to receive a pair of shoes! A year later, and they are the most worn shoe I have owned and still as good as when I first wore them. Although it was a gift, I realized how sometimes it is definitely better to invest in a good pair of shoes (if you can afford to do so of course), as one of the worst feelings is walking in a pair of shoe which makes you wish you could chop both your feet off. As they are comfortable, they are also so trendy and different to what I would normally wear. So here is to getting out of my comfort zone!

PS: If you want to get a bit out of your comfort zone when it comes to clothing and accessories, when not start with a single piece of item and see how you feel about it? As I believe baby steps is the way forward, as long as you are comfortable with it and of course have fun with experimenting new things!

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