Tuesday, 21 March 2017

My summer wishlist

'I feel it my fingers, I feel it my toes'. That is how close summer feels to me as if it was just right around the corner when in reality, yesterday was the first day of Spring. But after handing in my dissertation yesterday I could not think of anything else by holidays, and how much I am looking forward to getting my skin kissed by the sun while sipping on endless mojitos by the pool. But while I dream myself away to wonderland I decided to look through the spring and summer collection a few of my favorite stores had released. After looking through pages after pages of clothes, accessories, and shoes, I found a few items that are must for this summer!

1. Shirt with Embroidered Flower (£25.99)
I actually saw this shirt a few weeks ago while wandering around Zara. BUT, since neither spring or summer temperatures have not yet arrived, I thought I would wait until I don't get goosebumps while wearing my wool coat. But when the temperatures rise I am ready to run into Zara and grab it and wear it. Yes, that is my plan.

2. Warehouse Faux Leather Skirt (£32)
I am going to be totally honest with you and say that I always cringe at the thought of faux leather skirts. Actually, faux leather anything. Why? I just hate the feeling of being sweaty and uncomfortable while out and about, especially during the summer. But I thought the skirt would be a nice item to wear when going out on a late summer night with a white blouse and a leather jacket.

3. Paul Smith Leath Espadrilles (£195)
I cannot tell you how in love I fell with this pair of shoes! I usually never shop at Paul Smith. First, because it's not within my budget and second, although I think their style is quite quirky, it's not really me. But since my partner tends to shop his shirts and suits at Paul Smith, he had to bring be along to their Westbourne house in Notting Hill and what a beautiful store it was! But short story long, while he was looking for his shirts and god knows what else, I was left on my own in the women's section when I was united with this gorgeous pair of shoes. I know espadrilles are quite trendy during the summer time but I have never reached for a pair myself, but that is changing this summer. I mean look at how colorful and pretty they are!

4. Mango Printed Hairband (£6.99)
I am sort of bias when it comes to Mango as I have been working as a part-time sales assistant for the past two years now. BUT, having said that MNG has always been one of my favorite brands along with Zara. The reason being that their quality is quite good and it's within an affordable price range. So when I saw this hairband I thought it would be brilliant to have during the summer times when I don't feel like straightening my hair, but rather have my crazy curls out.

5. Zara Embroidered Mini Dress (£39.99)
As you can see there is definitely an embroidered addiction going on, and it was the same thing last year. But I can't get over how beautiful this dress I! I know it's a bit on the short side which is not my favorite thing about it, but I will make it work! As it's flowy, pretty and it's such a good piece of item when you just want to wander around or go to the beach, without needing to style it up.

6. Stripe Tiered Sleeve Bardot Top (£29)
I have lately seen a lot of gingham and bold and colorful clothing items everywhere. I am the type of person to not really follow what is 'trendy' but rather go for the things I like and find comfortable. But when I found this top which is a mix of both trends I thought I would give it ago as I am a sucker for cut-off shoulder tops. Showing a bit of skin while still looking elegant and fun is a plus in my book and I thought this item would give me that look exactly.

TIPS: As I mentioned above, I personally don't follow trend, but I know it is sometimes inevitable because we buy what available in stores, and they, of course, follow trends of the catwalk. But, when looking for a 'summer wardrobe' buy what makes YOU feel comfortable. Let yourself be inspired, but never feel you have to buy from the lasts trends.


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