Monday, 13 March 2017

REVIEW: Anastasia Beverly Hills SUNDIPPED

After being introduced to Anastacia Beverly Hills eyebrow pencil a few years ago and after all the good reviews, I could not help myself to extend my ABH collection. A year later and I am now the owner of four ABH products, my newest addition being the Sundipped Glow Kit. You know when you follow x bloggers and YouTubers, and all are raving about ABH glow kits and you are sitting there wondering what you are missing out? Well, there I was at the beauty counter ready to dive in and buy myself a Glow Kit, and it is not a decision I regret. 

As mentioned in the previous post, I have a pretty basic daily makeup routine,  and it is not because I am lazy or have flawless skin, but because I don't always see the point in going all out when all I do is either go into university or stay at home and watch Stranger Things on Netflix. But having said that, when the weekend approaches I like to go from ' eh, what is she wearing' to 'WHAT IS SHE WEARING'? So yes, my makeup game does step up on the weekends and although I have never properly dived into the 'contouring and highlight' routine, this kit just looked too pretty to pass on. 

What I liked about this glow kit? The pigmentation and the subtle glow it gives me, without looking cakey! Having the skin tone I have tends to be a problem when trying to find the best suitable make-up, resulting in me having to settle for something that is good enough. But after looking through ABH range, I can see that she has included most if not all the skin tones, which I believe all makeup brands should do, regardless of their audience. This is one of the reasons I applaud the ABH collection, as they do not lack in diversity.  Also, the big plus about this kit is definitely the price! For £39 you get four highlighters, meaning that each one actually only costs you £9.79! It's a bargain if you compare if to the Becca of Laura Mercier highlighter which cost £32 each. So, if you are looking a highlighter kit worth your money that give you that extra glow, give ABH glow kits a try. 

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