Thursday, 9 March 2017

The Blue Orchid

Although the year of 2017 has 'barely' begun, my planner has already been filled with weddings, my graduation day and several traveling plans. But after a year of much stress and worries related to my final year as an undergraduate, these are plans that I am extremely excited about and very much in need of! 

Jumping back to last year before we even started to plan how our holidays, the one ‘wish’ I had last year was to attend at least one wedding in the new year. Little did I know that after a bit of 'bibidi babidi boo’  three wedding invitations had arrived at our doorstep. Maybe an odd thing to wish for but my love for weddings are somehow quite grand. With so much going on in the world and seeing how people behave badly towards one another, for once it is a good feeling to see the love being shared between people in such an event.  Having had my wish granted, I decided to look for my wedding outfit (yes, it’s six months away). To my luck, I managed to stumble upon this beautiful dress from Reiss a few weeks ago and completely feel in love with it. I initially had in mind to get a hold of a Self-Portrait dress, but the demand being so high for one of their pieces I had to find an alternative, and here it is. This gorgeous dark blue lace dress that fits perfectly in all the right areas and has an elegant touch to it. I intend to style it when the first wedding comes around in June, but me being overly excited to wearing this dress I have already both a few bits and pieces to go with it. But until I get to wear this gorgeous dress, a few more weeks of rain and cold weather must be endured.


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