Thursday, 23 March 2017

'Women wear makeup to impress others'

It is no surprise that beauty has become a major money-making industry in a just a short period of time. According to last year's statistics only in the UK, the beauty market topped a staggering £17 billion, but why is that? I personally did not start using makeup or any skincare products until I was 17 years old, and only because I started my second job at a beauty store in Oslo called 'Fredrik&Louisa'. Before that, I never understood or found any interest in the world of beauty.  While most of my friends had already experimented with makeup and the different trends that came and went, I was still going for the 'all natural look' and it never bothered me. It was not until I started working with makeup and skincare that I realized how much people actually spend on products that would 'reveal the better version of themselves'. Not only that, but I also realized that for someone who did not wear makeup up until that point, I became more aware of others people's wondering gaze as to asking 'why is she not wearing any makeup at all, doesn't she care?'. But after working within the beauty industry for two years and after taking part in endless courses and events, my beauty stock had grown from Nivea lip balms to Chanel products. During that period, I tried everything from masks to mascaras to perfumes, but one question always seemed to be in the back of my head. Why?

The topic of 'why do we wear makeup' became a heated debate amongst Norwegian bloggers last year that ended with a lot of opinions to be expressed, and of course, no one seemed to agree. The debate extended to my group of friends and one of the views stood out the most 'Well, I believe that women wear makeup to impress others'. Although everyone is entitled to their opinion, this one did not seem to agree with my ears. Not because I didn't understand or respected her perspective, but because there is more to it than women trying to impress others through the use of makeup.

I personally tend to wear makeup on the daily basis if I am out and about.  A very basic routine that includes a powder foundation, an eyebrow pencil, a mascara and a hydrating mist to finish off my routine. If I do have a day off, my makeup will nicely sit on my draw untouched, letting my skin breath. But why is it that I wear makeup? Well, I wear makeup because I want to, because it makes me feel good and I although I have a simple routine, I do enjoy it. But let me say that I could easily go a week or even longer without makeup, so there lies no psychological reason to why I do what I do. But I also know people both men and woman, that wear makeup to hide their perfect imperfections. Is it because they care about other people's opinion resulting in them being insecure? Maybe. Should we blame them for feeling this way? I don't think we should, and you know why? Because the society we have built has lately painted a 'perfect' picture of how one should look like. One should have flawless skin, beautifully shaped eyebrows, no pigmentation, long lashes, no wrinkles, long and perfectly shaped nails, beautiful healthy hair, and the list doesn't end there.

I know that you might say that one should not care about what others think of you and what you look like, but we are human beings and it's something that is in our nature. Whether it's a conscious or an unconscious way of thought, we tend to view others with a curious eye which sometimes results in comments about our observations. I also believe that this mindset is in addition being influenced by the glossy magazines and nonetheless, the growing use of social media. If we take a quick look at Instagram and YouTube, we are only a click away from people showing us the newest products, what looks we should try out, how to improve our skin amongst a range of tips. But do we need them all? Is that the key to happiness, to follow all these tips so that we fit into societies beauty standards and finally be accepted? I personally don't believe that is the way forward. Don't get me wrong, I myself included get easily drawn into the wonders of makeup gurus and beauty bloggers, but it does not stop me from doing what I want to do. As I truly believe that you should not be pressured to wear makeup and spend half your income on a range of expensive products. But if you choose to do so, then that is completely fine as well, as long as you are doing it for you.

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