Monday, 20 March 2017

Weekend With Chanel

Le Weekend De Chanel (50ml - £72)
I remember the day we were asked to join the Chanel product launch through work to get a better sense what new skincare products were going to be stocked in our store. In the launch, we were presented with three skincare products: Le Jour, La Nuit, and Le Weekend de Chanel. This was said to be the only three products you needed in terms of skin care due to their amazing ingredients and benefits. Bare in mind that when you have been working within the beauty market for over two years, this is something that you tend to hear quite often and always have a skeptical feeling towards new products. I mean, how different or 'amazing' can these products be compared to the 8,000 we stocked, right? WRONG. I was lucky enough to get samples for all three and I must say I was completely blown away by them. But one of the products I fell most in love with was Le Weekend de Chanel which did change my skincare routine completely. 

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have a combination skin with a hint of mild acne. Because of my acne and my skin color, I am more prone to discoloration (hyperpigmentation), something I have struggled with for a while now. After trying Le Weekend every weekend (day and night) for a month I noticed that my discolouration had drastically diminished and the texture of my skin was smoother. This is due to one of the active ingredients being a glycolic acid which has exfoliating properties. One thing that I also liked about this product was the fact that my skin did not because dry or irritated, something I usually encounter when using products with a high volume of glycolic acid. The last thing I thought was good about the product was the price. I know £72 might seem a lot, but the fact that you only use it during the weekends one bottle will last you ages!

TIPS:  I tend to use this product Friday-Sunday before applying any other product to my face. Sometimes I don't even apply any additional skincare products as I feel it is enough on its own. But if you tend to have dry skin or use any spot treatments, just remember to let the product absorb before doing so.

Hydra Beauty Micro Gel Yeux (15ml - £44)
Even though I am only 21-years old, I have been using an eye cream since the age of 17. Not that I massively struggle with dark circles, but since the last few weeks have been quite hectic I thought I would give this eye gel ago. After using it both day and night for a good month my eye area seemed to be super moisturized and de-puffed. which was exactly what I needed. As for dark circles, I cannot give you any feedback as I did not notice any major difference. But its active ingredients definitely give you a smoother and hydrated looking eye area, only needing to a apply a pea-size amount of product.

TIPS: If you are not ready to splurge on an eye cream as expensive as this one the Clinique's Pep-Start Eye Cream for £22 works wonders! Being one of my favorite eye creams when I am on the go and worth every penny.

Hydra Beauty Gel Creme Hydration Protection Radiance (50ml - £51) 
Having combination / oily skin definitely has its cons. The first one being that your skin can feel both dry and oily at the same type. For those who have experienced before you can definitely relate to the struggle of finding the right type skincare products. While wandering around Boots I always seem to come across 2-in-1 products that promise a balanced complexion. However, I have not yet found 'the one' product that has worked wonders for my indecisive skin type. But the one thing I like about this particular product is the way it absorbs into my skin quite quickly without leaving it feel oily. What I also found was that my makeup seemed to look more even, which is a plus. But is it worth it? I believe that if you find a product that works for you, no matter the price (but within your budget) I see no problem in investing in a good product. So for me personally it is worth it as its light in consistency, it absorbs quickly without leaving my skin feel oily and I can use it both day and night. 


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