Monday, 24 April 2017

Tips on How to get things done

The weekend has gone and here I am again studying for my one and only exam of my final year. One exam might not seem like a lot for those of you who are stressing around because you have several exams to sit. But when you have six topics that are quite general as 'aging and dementia', it does make my heart rate go up so slightly. Making it easier for me to drift off to the unwanted habits of watching Netflix and youtube videos when I am supposed to be reading and taking notes. It is in moments like this where you have to 'sort yourself out', 'get yourself together' and try to be productive. Here are some of my tips and tricks on how not to be let yourself feel guilty when the evening comes and all you do is sit there and look at your reflection full of disappointment.

1 Start planning early
Whether it's an exam, a blog post, a report at work, a party you need to plan always start early. Sometimes we think that we have much time in our and leave it until last minute, only to realise that there is not enough time after all. If you know something has to be done in two weeks or fours weeks time, set enough time aside to plan and think about what you need to make sure you complete the task successfully. 

2 Have a weekly plan
This one is what helps me the must when it comes to being organised and productive throughout the week. I used to have a notebook with all my deadlines and trips on it but soon realised that I never looked at it as I kept relying on my memory. But when I came across the weekly planner above at tkmaxx I thought it was just what I need to have an overview of the upcoming week. What I also quickly realised was how great it was to tick off the boxes when I had completed the tasks for the day. Having the opposite effect when I did not complete my tasks, but still keeping me motivating to do so. It is something I definitely recommend investing in as I found it to be less stressful when I have written everything down on paper and know how the week ahead looks like. And the best part is, there is a  huge variety of lovely weekly planners and notebooks out there. 

3 Be realistic about time
Is it going to take two hours or two weeks? I think most of us have been guilty of leaving things to the last minute and let ourselves get stressed and anxious by the fact that it didn't turn out as we wanted it. That is why having a realistic time frame is key to achieving the desired outcome, which goes hand in hand with planning. By having a weekly plan or a notebook, you can plan your days while taking into account how long something is going to take you.

4 Take breaks
This is something I am guilty of not doing enough of. I usually wake up at 8:30 and start working at 10 am, as I like to allow myself have breakfast while I read through emails, watch youtube videos and look at my weekly planner peacefully before tackling my daily tasks. But one thing that I don't take enough into account is taking breaks. I can go on and work from 10 am to 5 pm without having a break, which can quickly backfire as you can feel exhausted and not able to concentrate on what is important. So, taking small breaks throughout your working routine is definitely a must if you want to keep uplifted and motivated. Also, don't forget to eat and drink throughout the day as you body needs enough energy to keep you balanced. 

5 Get enough sleep 
No matter what we do getting enough sleep is always on top of the list of the things we should do if we want to be productive. But much sleep is enough? Some say six hours, some say eight hours to be fully taken into use its benefits such as improved memory, sharpen attention, stress reduction, and improve creativity. All the things we need when wanting to be productive. But the amount of sleep you consider to be enough for you to fully function is up to you to decide. But maybe make it your priority to have x hours of sleep every night if you know that deadlines and/or tasks the upcoming week are important to achieve. As I believe chugging down a can of red bull to replace lost sleep is going to have the opposite effect in the long-term (talking from experience as I usually tend to feel quite drowsy a couple of hours after drinking red bull)


  1. Being realistic is probably the hardest part for me.
    Helpful post!

    1. You and me both! But hopefully it is something that will improve.
      Thank you and thanks for stopping by xx